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LG 5.5 Washer (white) Model #WT7400CW

$1049.99 $649.99

LG makes laundry easier with a modern update of the familiar top load washer. Mega capacity handles more clothes in every load, paired with TurboWash3D technology that delivers a powerful clean in less time than ever. With the ThinQ app, you can get alerts on your smartphone the minute clothes are clean, and control key washer features from anywhere, at any time. And with Smart Pairing, the washer can even tell the dryer to select a compatible drying cycle, making it the ultimate laundry hack. 

  • 5.5 cu. ft. Mega Capacity

    When it comes to laundry capacity, big is good, bigger is better. You can wash a king size comforter and full set of bedding in a single load! At 5.5 cu. ft. of mega capacity, you'll definitely have more room to clean.

  • TurboWash3D Technology

    A powerful jet spray, plus the tub and motor that rotate independently and in opposite directions, creates a powerful water flow that causes garments to rub against each other throughout the cycle for enhanced washing performance.

  • 6Motion Technology

    Get your clothes clean and experience a smarter way to wash with our innovative 6Motion technology. Each wash cycle combines up to 6 different wash motions to provide a revolutionary cleaning experience.

  • ThinQ Care

    Keep your appliances running smoothly with ThinQ Care, now in the ThinQ app. Get notifications about usage, maintenance, plus early diagnosis right on your phone. ThinQ Care will help you understand your appliance needs, avoid potential problems, and keep your appliance running its best.

  • ThinQ Technology with Smart Pairing

    The ThinQ App controls laundry can remotely auto-select a compatible drying cycle.

  • Water Plus

    LG top load washers use precise wash motions to ensure clothes move efficiently through the detergent and water mix and come out ultra-clean, all while saving energy and money. But if you decide you want extra water in the occasional load, LG gives you the option to get your (deep) fill.

  • Press Water Plus at the start of any cycle to select the maximum water level. Cycle already started? Just hit Pause, Water Plus and then Start. Another plus—the one-time setting will automatically switch back to high-efficiency water levels the next time you’re ready to wash.

  • ColdWash Techno